#PutPeopleFirst – The Official Social Media Campaign of AIDS 2024

AIDS 2024, the 25th International AIDS Conference, will take place in Munich, Germany, and virtually from 22 to 26 July 2024. An estimated 15,000 participants from around the world will attend AIDS 2024, with the majority participating in person. The conference will provide a powerful platform to strategically align around a unified and equitable response to the pandemic, signaling to the world that the HIV response is united behind an evidence-based approach that puts people first.

AIDS 2024 is calling on the global community to unite behind a simple yet powerful principle: Put people first! In the lead-up to the conference, the #PutPeopleFirst campaign aims to mobilize support to champion this principle.

The campaign invites individuals and organizations within the HIV community to share their stories of the personal or professional impact of prioritizing people. By using the hashtag #PutPeopleFirst, participants can post thoughts, photos, or video testimonials, inspiring others to join this movement. The goal is to build a more compassionate, inclusive, and innovative HIV response that promotes well-being for all, regardless of age, region, or population.

The campaign encourages everyone to participate by posting and sharing messages, photos, or videos using the hashtag. This collective effort will help foster a more human-centered approach to tackling HIV.
For more information and to join the movement, visit the official #PutPeopleFirst campaign page.

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